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Welcome to the Minecraft Blocks! Youre favorite Minecraft crafting website!

Minecraft Blocks - is your favorite Minecraft place in all time! "Why" you will ask? It's because right here you can find everything, which is important for every dedicated Minecraft player as well as everyone, who is just beginning an adventure with this most amazing game in last few years, which is total phenomena in gaming industry.

Minecraft Blocks Girls - art, fan art representingcute pretty  girls as Minecraft creatures Creeper and Enderman - the popular Minecraft mobs in manga style - on our website you can find Minecraft servers, Minecraft skins, Minecraft textures, Minecraft mods, Minecraft wallpaper, Minecraft latest news and many more Minecraft Steve is a hero main mob of the Minecraft sandbox game, with his default skin - Minecraft sp free for download is the one of most amazing games in history of video games industry - in this picture is a fanart made skin Minecraft was first programmed by one man (Notch) in Java. First it wasn't intended to be commercial, however with time Minecraft was gaining popularity, as well as a lots of new players in every month. With time Minecraft has become one of the most popular games in the history of gaming. Minecraft has official over 10 million all over the world! Every day thousands of people joining Minecraft community and become a player. If you don't actually know this game, in our website you can read useful information about Minecraft. Starting with check if your PC meets all the Minecraft system requirements.

Check out our Minecraft download section, to download Minecraft for free right now! You want our own server? It's easy with our website! In our amazing Minecraft Blocks website you can find a server files, which necessary to create and administrate your own Minecraft server. Or maybe you want to play with friends on one of already working Minecraft servers in our Minecraft server list! If you want to enhance your minecrafting experience you have to check our Minecraft mods, Minecraft sp, Minecraft texture packs, Minecraft news, Minecraft adventure maps and many more!

So what is so awesome about this game? Words won't describe it! So If you haven't play it yet it's about time to start your own amazing Minecraft adventure with our website - your favorite Minecraft place!

We recommend the new Minecraft dungeons game!

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Minecraft dungeons is besically "Diablo with blocks". The new game from Mojang is a dungeon crawler.

Minecraft dungeons has a classical fantasy world. You can choose of of few characters with various skills and abilities. Fight system has a lot of arcade and action style. You can develop your character with gaining beter gear, weapons and other items.

Minecraft dungeons is available on PC as well as on consoles: Microsoft XBOX One, Sony Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch as well. The game has also cross-play multiplayer. So you can play with people playing on PC, XBOX One, Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

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Minecraft 1.7 new features list of Minecraft's features

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In Minecraft 1.7 versions, including 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3 and so forth there is a lot of changes, including many new cool features. In our earlier news we talked bit about them. In this news we will write more specify about what new features you can find on the new version of Minecraft, starting from the Minecraft 1.7 version.

We give you a specific list of new features in the Minecraft 1.7 update. List include the features itself as well as a few informations about most of them. We have been tested them out and we have to say, that they are pretty good done, when you play new Minecraft update 1.7. ...

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Minecraft 1.7 version update is a totally new world of biomes and more

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Minecraft has evolved so much since the first versions of this game. Minecraft game at its first alpha and beta versions was a lot diffrent in many aspects than its current version. In current Minecraft 1.6 version they are a lot of stuff, which has been added to the game since the 2009 year - when the first Minecraft version has been released. Just look at Nether, Endermans, Junges, horses, donkeys and so many new Minecraft blocks and Minecraft features added through new Minecraft's versions process.

Recently Mojang (the company who creating and updating the Minecraft game - of course) - their lead Minecraft ...

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Welcome everyone to the Minecraft Blocks website!

Today, 6th september 2013 at 16:40 CEST (Central European Time) time our Minecraft Blocks website has started. From this occasion i want to welcome everyone of you to the start up of the new, Minecraft Blocks website!

Although we are very young Minecraft website our ambition is to make the best Minecraft experience, for all Minecraft fans as well as for all people, who are just beginning their Minecraft adventure and enter the journey of the a Minecraft world!

We now a very start Minecraft service, however on our website you can find a pretty much a lot, or pretty much everything, which every dedicated Minecraft player and fan need as ...

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