Current time and date is Wednesday 24 July, 2024 05:59:21 CEST

Minecraft for other systems - platforms - consoles

As we all know - the Minecraft game is one of the most popular games on the PCs and Macs these days. However the creators of the Minecraft published they game not only for the personal computers. They also decided to make their game for other platforms - other system, which players also like to use. For example they created and published Minecraft for few of the most popular consoles and few are in the development process right now.

For today Minecraft is available on mainly on the peronal computers - PC and Apple Macs. For obvious reasons most people, that play Minecraft are using Windows due to popularity of this operational system. However the Linux/Unix as well as the Macintoshes users are somewhat awarded with the Minecraft game as well (awarded because as well all know OS X and Linux, Unix systems do not have a lot games to offer for their users compared to the Microsoft Windows systems).

Minecraft for PS3, PS4, XBOX One, PS Vita

Minecraft is comming to PS4 (Playstation 4), PS3 (Playstation 3), XONE (XBOX One) and to PSV / PS VITA (Playstation Vita). This is an official information released by Mojang itself and therefore should be trusted and be taken by consideration when thinking about whenever you thinking about buying one of the next-gen consoles as well as already have one and thinking about having your favorite Minecraft game not only for Windows and PC's but also on your home consoles and other platforms.

Mojang has announced that at november 2013 they will release and publish your favorite Minecraft game for all of newest, next-gen consoles. That means no matter what of next-gen console you are planning to buy and use or you have it already - the Minecraft will be released on it.

Minecraft edition for PS4 will not have any limitations and should have the same capabilites as the PC version of Minecraft. Minecraft version for PS3 and PS Vita maybe will have the same limits as the XBOX 360 edition, however it is not sure yet, to say more about it.

In sum if you're planning to buy one of the next-gen, eight generation consoles - or you already have one in your possesion - then you should not worrying about not having your favorite game on your platform!