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Minecraft XBOX 360 edition - a Minecraft version for a XBOX 360 platform

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As of the date when i am writing this article - right now there is Minecraft for XBOX 360 available for playing. Minecraft XBOX 360 edition has been released at 9th may 2012 - this is world premiere as well as the USA and EU premiere of the XBOX 360 Minecraft edition. The XBOX edition was presented on E3 by the main creator and programmer of Minecraft - Markus Presson (Notch).

The game for XBOX 360 - just like it's PC version - has a survival mode and creative mode on the same rules as Minecraft PC. You can use XBOX Kinect controller (move controller) to play Minecraft XBOX 360 editor, however it's not required. The game bases on the earlier versions of the game, so logically thinking - you won't find any of newest stuff, like items and enhancements here.

However game Minecraft in XBOX 360 version has a few, new, cool features, like absolutely new inventory interface and item's creating interface (item's crafting interface). Now you don't need to search for crafting recipes - you can just click on specified block and system will feedback you with an information you need to make the specified item/block/etc. You cannot also change the game's difficulty during playing your world. On XBOX 360 you have music playing all the time - despite from PC Minecraft version, when music is playing with specified intervals of time.

The world in version for XBOX 360 isn't limitless, like it is in Minecraft for PC standard edition. In XBOX 360 we have only 1024 x 1024 blocks for mining, crafting and playing. It is possible that with future edition they will create a limitless world, however nothing is for sure here.

Apart from these few minor details and things the Minecraft for XBOX 360 is in majority things is practicaly very similar or identical to the main PC version of the Minecraft game.

If you are in possesion of the XBOX 360 console and you are the dedicated, big Minecraft fan, then you should totally check out this version, because it might be a very good choice for you to buy and play this game. Or if you considering bying the Minecraft game for console and you have XBOX 360, then you can really buy this game without any doubts.