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Minecraft 1.7 new features list of Minecraft's features

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In Minecraft 1.7 versions, including 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3 and so forth there is a lot of changes, including many new cool features. In our earlier news we talked bit about them. In this news we will write more specify about what new features you can find on the new version of Minecraft, starting from the Minecraft 1.7 version.

We give you a specific list of new features in the Minecraft 1.7 update. List include the features itself as well as a few informations about most of them. We have been tested them out and we have to say, that they are pretty good done, when you play new Minecraft update 1.7. Check them all out and remember about our website - Minecraft Blocks - always the best, new stuff for all Minecraft fans and players.

Minecraft 1.7 update new features list

  1. There is a lot of new biomes: in the Minecraft 1.7 they addes a really nice amount of new biomes. As well as the new world generator. With such a good amount of new biomes which will make your game experience even more cool, than it was ever before.
  2. Amplified world option has been added. When you create a new world, you can now make it "amplified" type. Amplified worlds have very tall, cool looking mountains, cliffs and stuff like that. Amplified world will give you a lot nice experience with the Minecraft game.
  3. Added Acacia wood and old oak wood - this will give you even more wood colors and let your creation do even more things than ever before.
  4. Stained glass - colored glass - now that is what Minecraft always needed! Now you can dye not only wools, but also the glass! Stained glass look totally awesome and personally it is one of my favorites in the new Minecraft 1.7 features. You can make a glass with every color, that you could with wools earlier. In addition in the Minecraft 1.7. there are new flowers, which give you opportunity to make your favorite color's dye with even less effort than before.
  5. Red sand - now you can have not only standard, light yellow sand, but also a red sand - which at least names that way, however it looks more like a orange colored sand. Eathier way it look really good and allows you to make and build more new, colorful things.
  6. They are also added a cool Packed Ices blocks as well as Podzol as well as new types of fish (you can now enchant the fish rods), grass,
  7. Minecraft achivements now are getting better than eve! You can zoom in and out the achivements screen and they are now compatibile with the game and world type. Gaining achivement in the multiplayer game now will be broadcasted for another players. They of course also added few new achivements to complete.
  8. Minecraft commands and Minecraft chat have been ehnanced as well. You can have new, /summon command now. Links in chat are now clickable, Also to send a private message you need only to click the specific person's name.
  9. Servers have now own icons. You can also see who is online before join the Minecraft server.
  10. Super Secret Settings with weird and crazy effects - now are added in the option menu.
  11. The oceans are smaller, the biomes are placing a lot of better now. All because a new Minecraft world generator, which we have been writting in the previous news in Minecraft Blocks website.
  12. You can now create a Minecraft portal to Nether with many diffrent shapes and forms.
  13. Now the maps in the item frame are even bigger!
  14. You now gained ability to have multiple resource packs loaded in Minecraft in the same time. Also resource packs are now included with the specific sound effects in them. And server can recommend specific resource pack now as well.
  15. Network code and sound manager code have been rewritten.
  16. A lot of bugs have been fixed now.

These are generaly all most important updates with wich Minecraft 1.7 has been released. I can say there are a lot of them and i'm sure they will make your Minecraft game even more fun, then it was before.

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