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Single Player Commands mod - Single Player Commands List

In Minecraft you can use a multiplayer commands on Minecraft server. Minecraft servers enables Minecraft multiplayer commands for administrators as well as for common users of servers.

However in Minecraft you can also make use of single players commands. For start using single player commands though you need to download special modification, called Minecraft single player mod.

How to download a Minecraft single player modification mod

Minecraft Single Player Commands - Minecraft Single Player Commands Mod - Minecraft Single Player Commands List - Lists - download for free - game, games - a full list of single player commands in Minecraft - all, that you will need

Single payer modification is a simple mod, which you can download and install in accordance with rules, as with other Minecraft mods. Special instructions to install Minecraft single player mod you will find below. Minecraft Single Player Commands mod for Minecraft games is for download for free here below: Single Player Commands Download

How to install a Single Player Minecraft Commands modification

  1. Unpack the file with a installation
  2. In run window (click Windows + R to open it) type: %appdata%.
  3. Go to the .minecraft directory.
  4. Open minecraft.jar. using WinRAR or relative software
  5. Delete the META-INF folder (if exists).
  6. Copy there all the files of single player commands Minecraft installation package except the WorldEdit.jar file.
  7. Copy the WorldEdit.jar file into .minecraft/bin directory.
  8. Save and close all files.
  9. Done. Your Minecraft Single Player Commands Modification has been installed.

Minecraft Single Player Commands List

Here below you can find a single player list of commands in the Minecraf game - Minecraft single player command list, which you will have in the Minecraft Single Player Commands mod. Remember, thath if you want to type a command you can press a T button, which is a chat button (unless you changed the keyboards setting of this button).

Commands List are commands, which all be active from single player Minecraft mod version 1.3 to the current version of the mod.

Command Command description
? - help {NAME OF COMMAND} Option which wil show the specified command message
ascend Go with this command to the next plaftorm above your previous position
bind {KEY CODE} {DOMMAND} {parameters} You can bind a command to a specified keyboard button
binid {key code} {command} {parameters} Like a bind, however with bindid you can bind a command using key id
cannon {STRENGHT} With this function you can shoot a TNT in the direction, that you are pointing in the moment of calling this command at the strenght you desired.
damage {enable | disable} Turn of and turn off a damage of the player
descend Oposite to ascend. Moves your character below the current player's position.
diff {DIFFICULTY} Set a difficulty using this command. Use the values between 0 and 3.
difficulty {DIFFICULTY} Works the same, as diff command.
effect {list|remove TYPE|add TYPE| [DURATION] [STRENGTH]} You can add a effect of your specification to a player of Minecraft
enchant {list|remove TYPE|add TYPE [LEVEL]} You can enchant a currently selected item
fly {ENABLE | DISABLE} Turn flying mode on and off by this command
gamemode {creative | survival |adventure} Change the Minecraft world current game mode
give {ITEM CODE | ITEM NAME} {QUANTITY} {DAMAGE} Give the player an item. You can set a quantity of item's amount and damage of an item to give
gm {creative | survival |adventure} The same as the gamemode command.
hardcore {enable | disable} You can of course turn on or turn off the hardcore mode with this function.
heal {QUANTITY} Heal the Minecraft player. Quantity means how much you will heal a player. 1 point = 2 health.
home Teleport to a currently set spawn point at once.
hunger {empty | full | infinite} Set a hunger level for one of the specified values.
i {ITEM CODE | ITEM NAME} {QUANTITY} {DAMAGE} Works the same as give command.
ignite You can set on fire the block, that you currently pointing at.
info Function for get the information about the blocks
item {ITEM CODE | ITEM NAME} {QUANTITY} {DAMAGE} Works the same as give command.
jump Functions to move you from the point where you are, to the point where your mouse is currently pointing.
kill This command will kill you!
killall {ENTITY TYPE | DISTANCE} Used for destroying all entities with specified distance specified. If you won't set a distance it will kill.
light Turn off and on the permanent lightning.
marco {FILE} [PARAMETERS] This functions is for setting a marco, so you can run a multiple commands.
me If you type for example: /me go there, the game will return: your_nick fo there,
msg broadcast a message you type after msg command.
path {BLOCK | RADIUS} You can create a path when you walk with this command.
platform Make a glass aquare under your feet immediately!
pos Get information about your current position.
repair [all] Of course this is to repair an item. If you type repair all, it will repair all the items, ecxept the worn armor.
seed Information about world's seed
setspawn [X, Y, Z] Function which sets your current position as your current spawnpoint. If you type an optional parameters x, y and z - it will set the current spawnpoint at the position, which are pointing by the x, y and z paramteres you entered.
setspeed [SPEED | reset] You can adjust the speed, that you move with this command.
setspawn [X, Y, Z] Works the same as setspawn function.
spc Enter a generic command around spc.
su {nickname} You can run a command as a specified player.
t {X, Y, Z} This function teleports you to the location you specified by the x, y and z parameters.
tele {X, Y, Z} Works the sam as t function.
teleport {X, Y, Z} Works the same as t function.
tell {player name} {private message} Privates messages in Minecraft.
time [set | TIME {minute|hour|day} | day | night] You can get or set the Minecraft time.
toggledownfall Toggle the falls of rain, snow etc with this command.
unbind {KEY CODE | all} For undindng a specified command from the key. If you use parameter all - all keys will be undind from the keyboard keys.
undindid {ID} Undind with this function a command from the keyboard key usind the key id.
weather {lightning | thunder | rain [enable | disable]} Set on or off a weather effects.
xp {amount} [player] OR xp {level amount} [player] You can change the experience for yourself or the other player - player is an optional atribute.