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Minecraft beginner's guide - Minecraft tutorial for total beginners new players

Minecraft tutorial guide for new players, newbies, beginners - minecraft tutorial, guide for total newbies noobs, information minecraft Welcome to the Minecraft official absolute beginner’s guide – a Minecraft absolute beginner’s tutorial for people who do not know a Minecraft game at any bit and haven’t  play it or they just turn on the game for a few seconds.

This tutorial is also for people, who want to know the Minecraft game and want to read about the basics of this game. This tutorial will guide you through the very basics of the game and of course those all information, which you may want to know, before you will try to play this game.

So if you want to know the Minecraft game or you think you don’t know enough and you want to gain more knowledge about the game, then you should totally need to read this article.

Ok, so let’s get started then, shall we?  First things first you will need the Minecraft client game of course. The Minecraft game is to download in the appropriate section on our Minecraft Blocks website just for you to download (Minecraft download).  Minecraft client’s size are really small – to compare with other commercial games these days I would say – a tiny one. So you can have your Minecraft game installed even though your hard drive space is really limited! I can call this a great benefit to other great hits who has been released last few years! We are in the beginning and we have such benefits already. I would say, it’s the great start, won’t you think so too?

If you have a Minecraft client game downloaded already let’s start a new single player game (as I deeply suggest to start your Minecraft experience from single player, and ).  When you choose the single player mode, you will need to generate your very first world in Minecraft. That’s right – generate. Because world is generating every time you start a new game, and when you are playing the Minecraft game. When you play the world, which has been generated earlier – then it will re-generate when you will start a Minecraft next time. When you are playing the world is generating a real-time. When you exploring the new areas the world will generate more and more and so forth. In theory – the world is hypothetical limitless! That is a specific feature, which all good sandbox games should have. Of course as Minecraft is a great sandbox game, this feature is one of the most core one they are.

When you are creating a new Minecraft world you can choose between few of options. So you can choose a Creative game – when you care about nothing, just building and you can freely let your imagination go as you can build your new constructions not worrying about survival, monsters, food, gravitation (you can fly freely on this mode), tools to build (every block is built rapidly) and of course weapons and armor (monster won’t hurt you on this mode – you are immune to any sort of bad influence to your health or those kind of stuff), crafting or worrying about your supplies (you have unlimited supplies of ANY of blocks, that are in the game). Let’s say a Creative mode is like a God Mode, when you care about nothing and only to build.

The second mode It will probably get your more attention (unless you are more like a building type and don’t care to play a survival, rpg-like, or action-like style game). The Survival mode will probably get imagination associate games like computer RPG games, survival type game or action games. On survival mode you will have a full Minecraft game experience. Including survival skills, crafting crafting new items, gaining supplies for building, fighting monsters, mining for precious minerals and metals’ ores and actually.. doing everything, that you will imagine, because Minecraft in Survival mode gives you a great chance to do this.

You also have a Hardcore mode, however if you aren’t a very experienced and skilled Minecraft player, then you should stay away from this game mode. It’s actually nothing more, like a Survival mode fixed on the hardest difficulty, which in when you will die – the game is ending. There is no respawning in that mode! Like the name say – it is true hardcore game for only hardcore players out there.

Aside from the game mode you will have a few minor options to select. World name is a obvious one I think. Bonus chest – a chest with few extra items on start (choose if you want, however you don’t need, because you can do identical very quick). World type – normal and flat. Flat is more for a Creative game, when you do not want any obstacles. For survival game I strongly suggest a normal game type. Allow cheats – allows you to type a single player Minecraft commands.

A last but not least thing for notice in this Minecraft very beginners’ new players’ guid tutorial is a game difficulty. You can change your game difficulty after you already generated your first Minecraft world and started the game already. To do that just hit Escape button for options menu, and from options menu choose desired difficulty for you. Available difficulties are: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard. On Peaceful however you won’t encounter any monsters of the night – they are gone in this difficulty. On Easy everything will be much easier of course. Normal is decent difficulty experience. Hard is for more experienced and skilled players, who know the Minecraft game very well. I suggest for you to play on Peaceful if you do not want any monsters or on Easy – if you want your skills tested a bit and fight the creatures of the night. The choice for this is up to you.

The difficulty topic will close our tutorial for now. If you still want to learn new things about the game – just check out our other guides and tutorials, which you will find on our Minecraft Block website.