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Minecraft - Informations about Minecraft game

Minecraft picture art picturing Steve with his cute pretty girlfriend and near it's their house, with cow and creeper looking through the shadows Minecraft is a game, when you are generally placing blocks anywhere you want, with no rules to follow and no ground limitation. Minecraft is a game one of the kind. There is no such game anywhere in the world (or at least not so good and popular game as Minecraft). Now Minecraft is the most popular game of genre called sandbox. Sandbox generally means, that players of sandbox game has open space and open hands to do, what they want to. Sandbox style is appearing in many popular games, such GTA (Grand Theft Auto). However in Minecraft idea of sandbox is far away more extended then in average, popular, commercial game.

Minecraft is now a pay to play game and creator of Minecraft - Swedish programmer Markus Presson (known mostly as Notch - his main nickname, also using in Minecraft game) is a head of company named Mojang, which sells the game. However Minecraft firstly was designed as non-commercial, non-profit play for free game. Minecraft is popular all across the world. Great success and phenomena with this game is that it's idea and gameplay are extremely addictive and fun as well!

The game has no rules. All rules are made by the player. Player decides what to do, whereto go and mostly - what to build. Because this game gives you an opportunity to build everything that you imagine! Other games have missions, quests, exp to gain (actual in Minecraft there is also exp - in the survival mode - however exp in Minecraft has a very minor position due to game itself).

Minecraft has few major modes, which give you opportunity to play game considered with your preferences. First is the classical (this mode was programmed and published first in times, where Minecraft was only in beta stage of release) mode or - the new title of the mode - creative mode. Creative mode gives a player a game which is focus in 100% building. You have all resources in Minecraft castle build in Minecraft - complex, elaborated project build in the Minecraft sandbox game - big cool castle Minecrafting - craft, crafted in Minecraft unlimited amount of it and you don't need to worry about any threat towards you. You can just throw your imagination to run and build, build and once more build. In sum creative is a big building field to create whatever player imagine.

Survival mode in the other hand is a game, which is very similar to a popular RPG's with survival aspects. Here you are spawn in the medieval-alike realm (in creative you also building in the same world, however only in the survival mode you can really feel this atmosphere). You can now play from the very beginning. First you have to make sure to survive the first night. Why you can't survive a night you ask? Well, despite of fact, that you can die from hunger (yes, you have to take care to eat in this mode) you can be slain by horrible monsters, like Zombies, Endermen, Spiders, Skeletons and of course the creepiest from the creeps. Creeper. Creeper has ability to blow himself killing you and destroying your built structures (or any other block, wich are in the field of Creeper's explosion) around the explosion at the same time. Survival give you opportunity to maintain own house, base, or safe place. Discover the new lands, mine new metals, minerals, and items. And of course craft new items: weapons, armors, blocks, items for cooking, eating, creating machines, traveling, fighting with monsters and many more. Most of Minecraft players play in Survival mode, and use Creative just as add-on to a game, or tool to make cool maps, which then can be used to play in Survival mode or multiplayer on server.

Minecraft Creeper chasing Steve through the forest, and few diamonds and diamond pickaxe lay on the floor. Artistic Minecraft fanart picture screen - Creepers gonna creep Minecraft aside from two different modes has also different difficulties, as all good games should have. Difficulties in Minecraft are: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore. However Hardcore is different game mode. It is actual Survival mode with one life - when you die - the game ending. On Peaceful (the easiest game difficulty) there is no monsters in survival mode, which allow player to play in peaceful, easy environment without worrying about his life, building, structures or items.

Minecraft is not only a single player game. In Minecraft players can play together on LAN or internet. You can create your own Minecraft server, (on our website Minecraft Block you will read how to create your own Minecraft servers) configure it, use mods, and other cool features to make it even more awesome! Minecraft servers give for players opportunity to create small, few-people server as well as very big, MMORPG-alike server with thousands of players online at the same time. Of course you need appropriate PC server (or MAC, because Minecraft also runs on MAC OSX as well as UNIX, Linux based systems) to run such server, however it is absolutely possible with this game!

Minecraft has very big potential of mods, addons, and custom stuff to change, despite of default game's settings. Main character of the game, who's name is Steve (Steve is unofficial name of the main Minecraft character - officialy he is unnamed character) has a skin, which can be easily changed. Due to change Minecraft skins, you can change a skin to Minecraft of every single mod, which appears in the game. On our amazing website you can find skins to Minecraft - Minecraft skins available to download and use by you at any time. You can of course apply Minecraft skins not only Minecraft city created builded Minecraft's project - Minecraft village town city with castle included and surrounded by big cobblestone, stone wall - alaborated Minecraft project, propably created by few players to the main Minecraft character Steve, but also to any other mob, monster, animal, and other humans (in game you can find villages, with villagers in it). Game use custom textures. You can use default Minecraft textures, however you can also download a custom Minecraft texture packs. There are a lot of interesting textures, include HD texture and so.

Minecraft is not only pure game. The creators and many people from Minecraft community are creating many modifications and program many add-on applications, that will help everyone in need. Minecraft mods are really popular, such as modifications, that allow you to see map and minimap of your Minecraft adventures. Bigger or smaller Minecraft applications, like game mode changer - you can change your game mode file to surival or creative at any time, or SkinEditor - applications which simply edit of the player's skin - are very popular among Minecraft players and also in our Minecraft Blocks website you can download them - just check and chooseright section from the menu.

In our amazing website - Minecraft Block - you can find of course everything you will need. No matter, if you are a advanced, experienced Minecraft players, or you are a person who is just starting a adventure with this amazing game you will find here everything you need! Minecraft skins, Minecraft download for playing - Minecraft client, Minecraft server files.

Minecraft is a game available for many platforms - appears in many forms. In early times Minecraft was available only for PC computers. However, due to raising popularity Markus Presson decided to publish this game for other systems platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Apple Mac OS X and consoles. Fans have also contribute in Minecraft's development, making Minecraft available for PSP (Sony Playstation Portable). There is also Minecraft Pocket Edition available for Google Android system. Mojang is also planning to release Minecraft for next gen consoles, such as Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBOX ONE or Playstation VITA (PS Vita).

On our website Minecraft Blocks you can find Minecraft tutorials for beginners as well as for professional Minecraft players who know a lot about this game. You will learn the very basics of Minecraft game and system within as well as . And many, many more!