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Saves for Minecraft - Minecraft saves

Minecraft has offering players automatic generated worlds, which are generating from the algorythm called seeds (we write about seeds in our other article in Minecraft Block website). Moreover worlds d- Minecraft maps - are theoreticaly endless and the players have endless options to manipulate those worlds, hence we have an engless amount of options to have many diffrent worlds.

So what you think about the idea to share your created, and modified world, which you were playing a long time - with survival or creative mode - as you prefer - and then share it with other players: your friends or maybe other people on the internet? Well, you have this opportunity!

In our Minecraft Blocks website we have found for you really great Minecraft saves - made by other Minecraft players - so you can just download Minecraft save (download Minecraft maps), install it and play it through the way as you like it!

How to install Minecraft saves - Minecraft maps installation guide

  1. Windows + R or Start in left-bottom corner of the screen.
  2. Type %appdata% in the windows, which should appear.
  3. Go to the .minecraft folder.
  4. Then go to the saves folder.
  5. In this folder you have a folders with already saves worlds (if you created any worlds already - they all should be here).
  6. Folders with saves have the same name as the name of the worlds.
  7. Your folder should also have the same name as the Minecraft save that it contains.
  8. All you have to do is to upload your Minecraft maps, Minecraft saves folder to this folder.
  9. Open your Minecraft game and choose the world you want - that's it.

Now you should know the very basics of operating Minecraft save in your Minecraft games. In our Minecraft Blocks website you can download Minecraft saves - download Minecraft games which have been playing by other Minecraft players. Check out below for cool, interesting Minecraft games, we choose especially for you to download and play. Enjoy the Minecraft games with custom, other players' Minecraft saves.

Minecraft save Temple of Ephesus

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A Temple of Ephesus Minecraft map is a cool Minecraft map created by anonymous Minecraft user. The idea of this map is to focus on finding your way out and of course - exploring the terrain! We assure that you will have a lot of fun durning playing this Minecraft map. Download a Temple of Ephesus Minecraft save for free

Minecraft Airport

Minecraft Airport - Minecraft airport map save - check out this cool Minecraft maps - map for Minecraft save for Minecraft looking as an aiport - with planes, runway and other airport accessories

Minecraft Airport save map is a advanced project, which is basically an aiport with runway, planes and other popular airport accessories included. The Minecraft Aiport has a 2 diffrent terminals, 25 planes - all of those planes has full interior, 2 helicopters, and many more of the aiport accessories. Download Minecraft Airport save for free