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Minecraft screenshots

Like in every other game Minecraft gives you opportunity to make your own screenshots from your gameplay at any time, when you are playing this game. To make a screenshot from your game - all you have to do, is to press F2 button.

If you press the F2 button, then a screenshot is created and then it is saved in \screenshots directory in your .minecraft folder. if you want to enter your screenshots directory press Windows + R buttons on your keyboard. And then go to the folders as follows: .minecraft -> screenshots - and there you are! You can access your screenshot at any time. From there you can copy, delete or move your screenshots or edit it on every graphics editor such as MS Paint, GIMP or Adobe Photoshop if you own one. Minecraft screenshots are in default saves as .PNG format.

You can also hide your HUD, to make your screenshot doesn't show your actually game. To hide your HUD when making a screenshot - you can just press F1 button to do it. Press F1 button again, to make your HUD appear once more time.

If you still didn't have occasion to play and test the Minecraft, as well as you not sure, how this game really looks, here you can see some Minecraft screenshots below, to get more look in the game and know, how it really looks.

Screenshots taken from Minecraft

A DNA code builded - complex Minecraft building - 01 An interesting landscape in Minecraft - 02 Really cool Minecraft building based on the brigde and waterfall - 03 A oriental japanese style building which was build in Minecraft - 04
An Englad Castle in mediaval style - complex Minecraft project - 05 Simple house building, may be good to survive first nights in game - 06 A long bridge in the night. - 07 Why so serious? Joker from Batman Dark Knight, Dark Knight Raises - 08
Mega big Steve - 09 Ranibow Dash from My Little Pony - advanced Minecraft project - 10 A cool, glass ball cover project - 11 Dr House as a complicated builded Minecraft project - 12
A grey dragon - advanced building - 13 A nice place for living and of course playing Minecraft! - 14 Hi-tech city - complex project and contruction in Minecraft game - 15 Hi-tech skycraper made in Minecraft - nice and cool stuff - 16
Go into space with your own Spaceship - spacecraft! - 17 A vecicle known from Star Wars series - 18 A White House - a home of the president of the United States - complex Minecraft project - 19 Play some soccoter - a football sport stadium  - 20
Feel like Transformers - a robot transformer - cool, advanced Minecraft building - project - 21 A very cool The Amazing Spider Man, Batman Dark Knight Returns and of course hero Super-Man - 22 An Assault Gun - P90 - used in shooting and of course in the shooter games - first person perspective FPS shooters games - advanced Minecraft building project - 23 A Super Mario and Luigi brothers - popular video games Mario characters - now as a buildings in Minecraft - 24