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Minecraft mods - mods for minecraft for free

Minecraft - as all the good games out there – has an option to install and play with mods in this game. The mods are pretty much like at many other commercial games – adding new, cool features, changing game core, changing some rules, world or make the game more advance.

Before you can have any mod download you may want to install a very default one for as any other mob’s core – a Mod Loader (ModLoader Minceraft mod). ModLoader allows you to any other mods to work. In other words mod loader works as an environment to load other Minecraft mods. When you have is installed, you can download other mods. Before you will install Mod Loader, do not forget to make a copy of your minecraft.jar file, because in this file you will install a Mod Loader.

The next mod, is a Audio Mod – we recommend install it as well, because Audio Mod is needed to many Minecraft mods out there.  We strongly recommend for you, to install AudioMod as well. Before you install Audio Mod at first you have to install Mod Loader.

How to install a Minecraft mods on Windows systems

  1. Download your modification of Minecraft to your desired location.
  2. Unpack your Minecraft modification using WinRAR or relative software.
  3. Click Windows button + R and type %appdata%.
  4. Enter > .minecraft > bin.
  5. Open minecraft.jar using WinRAR or relative software.
  6. Delete META-INF folder - if it does exist.
  7. Copy your Minecraft mod content and paste it here.
  8. Save your file and exit.