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Minecraft commands on server

When you are an admin of the Minecraft server you probably want to have the best way to menage it in easy and simple way. Like in any other servers as well as in Minecraft server case you can control your server behaviour. As dministrator - server operator (server op in short term) as well as user - you can enter a commands.

You can you various commands starting with front slash / sign. Normally you can have commands in Minecraft multiplayer server commands. However if you will apply appropriate mode, you can have commands on single player game as well - Minecraft single player commands. However you can also use single player Minecraft commands when you choose the Allow Cheats option when creating a new world in Minecraft.

If you want to use a single player commands mod for Minecraft, you will find on our Minecraft Blocks site - just look up for modes in our site.

Here below you can find a Minecraft server multiplayer commands. Starting from the Minecraft user commands, then the admin Minecraft commands, also known as a op - operator Minecraft server multiplayer commands.


Universal command rules:

  • All command start with / - front slash.
  • To type a command in-game - press T - chat button and then type: /command parameters optional parameteres
  • Universal variables are:
    • @a - all players
    • @r - random player
    • @p - nearest player

      You can use this variable in all commands, which give opportunity, to manipulate players' data.

  • {required parameter} - required parameters are within { and }.
  • [optional parameter] - optional parameters are within [ and ].

Minecraft player commands on multiplayer

Minecraft player commands are common commands, who can user any player, who is connected to a server and playing the Minecraft. No matter if player has or hasn't a operator or admin status.

Command Command description
me {action text} You can compare this command to a /emote or /action in IRC Clients. Command sends a narrative message to the other players. The result will be: "* Yourname action text". For example: "* Notch climbed on a tree" or "* Notch is happy". You can use a multi-person selector with this command. Multiplayer-selector is: "@". And then type a list of users. Example of tree names: "name1, name2 and name3" or example of two names: "name1 and name2".
help or ? {page | command name} Commands shows a list of commands available. Note that in single player mode you won't see a multiplayer commands.
tell {player name} {player message} Command which is used as a private messenger sender. You can send a private message to a user. You can also send more then one message using the multi-person target selector (as example: @a).


Minecraft admin commands - Minecraft operator commands

Minecraft admin commands, are command which are available only for server admin or the server operator (server-op). Those commands are administrative one and they can hardly effect the game, players and world. Minecraft admin commands are also available in the single player - when you have sinple player commands mod installed. All nessesary files you can find in other section of our website.

Command Command description
ban {player name} [reason] Bans chosen player by a player names. Ban blocks selected player from the server and this username no longer will be able to connect to the server. Ban removes player from whitelist, if he was in it before. Reason to ban parameter is of course optional.
ban-ip {ip address | player name} Bans IP from the server, so the selected IP won't be able to connect to the server anymore. If you type IP - this IP will be banned from the server. If you type player name - IP of the typed player name will be banned from the server.
banlist [ips] Displays a banlist. If you want to see banned IP's then type: banlist ips.
deop {player name} Removes operator status from the player who has been an operator (op). If operator wasn't a operator - nothing happens.
clear {player name} [item] [meta data] Command is used to clear an inventory of player specified in the player name variable. Or specified item:data.
debug {start | stop} With this command you can start a debugging session or stop the session currently running. Command creates a folder named debug when debug session stops.
defaultgamemode {survival | creative | adventure} Used for setting the default game world - the same game mode, when you choose, when starting up a new world in Minecraft. New players who joing the game will be playing the world in the same game mode, which has been set. For example is the default game world is set to survival - a new players will start in survival mode.
difficulty {peaceful | easy | normal | hard} Command used to change the game difficulty. You can put name given on the left or use numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3
effect {player name} {effect} [seconds] [amplifier] This command can be used for give a specified player a specified effect for a specified period of time in a amplifier up to the 255. Limit for seconds is a 1 000 000 seconds - 1 milion seconds.
effect {player name} clear Command is used to clear all the effects, which was applied on player name.
enchant {player name} {enchantment ID} {enchantment level} Used for enchanting an item that player is currently holding. This effect work with rules of normal enchantment. Which means, that you cannot enchant item to have skills better than you woul normalny could do. It also implies to a enchantment level.
gamemode {survival | creative | adventure} [player name] You can also use numbers 1, 2 and 3 as well as s, c and a. This command change a game mode of course. Player name is a optional parameter. If you wont set a player name - the game mode will be change to you (the player who runs this command).
gamerule {rule name} [true | false]

Command which allow to change game rules. Depends of what game rule you want to set you can set to on and off few of the important game rules.

You can change a following game rules:
- commandBlockOutput
- doFireTick
- doMobLoot
- doMonSpawning
- doTileDrops
- keepInventory
- mobGriefing
- naturalRegeneration
- doDaylightCycle

give {player name} {item} [amount of item] [meta data of item] Command is used for spawning an specified item of the specified amount of this item and specified meta data, to a specified player. Amount of item and meta data of item are optional parameters in this command. Default value for meta data equals 0.
kick {player name} [reason] Instant disconnect by force a specified player from the server. You can also enter a optional reason, why a player has been kicked.
list This command is used for showing playes, who are currenty connected to the server at the moment.
op {player name} Command used for granting a specified player name operator status. Be carreful to who you give the op status.
pardon {player name} An opposite command to the ban. It removes the ban from the specified player's name - command removes selected name from the blacklist.
pardon-ip {ip address} An opposite command to the ban-ip. It removes the selected IP from the blackliest, and this IP can be connect again.
save-all Instantly write on the depending change on to the server.
save-off Option which disables all the writing to the server. If there is any depending changes - there will be all quened.
save-on Option which enables all the writing to the server. It's the default setting on the Minecraft server
say {message} You can broadcast a specified message to all player on the server.
spawnpoint {player name} [x y z] Spawn's a specified player by his player's name in the location given by coordinates x, y and z. If the optional coordinates (x, y and z) are specified - function will set spawnpoint to a current position of command typer location.
stop Shuts down the server.
time set {number | day | night} You can set the world time with this functions. Weather integer is between 0 and 24000. 0 is a dawn, 6000 is a midday, 12000 dusk and 18000 midnight.
time add {number} Function used for incrementing world time, the same as above.
tp [player name] {target player} This command is used for teleporting a player name to a target player's location. Player name is a optional value. If command miss the player name then target player will be teleported to the
tp [player name] {x} {y} {z} Function teleports a player name or youself (if you won't set a player name, which is optional value) to a specified location of coordinates: x, y and z. If you use ~ before coordinate it will use a relative value + and - of current location. For example for move 10 blocks in x you can type ~10 ~0 ~0.
toggledownfall This command is used for toggle rain and snow on or off.
weather {clear | rain | thunder} [seconds] You can change a game wheather for a specified amount of time.
whitelist {add | remove} {player name} Used for add or remove a player from the whitelist.
whitelist list Command used for display all players who are in the whitelist.
whitelist {on | off} You can enable or disable the use of whitelist on your server. Admins/ops can always connect when the whitelist is active - even with their names aren't appear in the whitelist.
whitelist reload Used for reload a whitelist from the actual whitelist.txt file with the Minecraft server running.
xp {amount} [player name] You can give a specified user a specified number of orbs. Orbs, which give exp.
xp {amount} L [player name] This command gives a specified number of leves.