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Welcome everyone to the Minecraft Blocks website!

Today, 6th september 2013 at 16:40 CEST (Central European Time) time our Minecraft Blocks website has started. From this occasion i want to welcome everyone of you to the start up of the new, Minecraft Blocks website!

Although we are very young Minecraft website our ambition is to make the best Minecraft experience, for all Minecraft fans as well as for all people, who are just beginning their Minecraft adventure and enter the journey of the a Minecraft world!

We now a very start Minecraft service, however on our website you can find a pretty much a lot, or pretty much everything, which every dedicated Minecraft player and fan need as well as the person, which just starting playing or person, which never played the Minecraft before and now dediced to try play this game.

In our website you can find a lot of things for Minecraft game and things related with Minecraft as well as Minecraft download client for free and Minecraft download server files. At Minecraft Blocks we prepared for you a lot of interesting Minecraft's stuff, as: Minecraft download, Minecraft single player command, Minecraft multiplayer server commands, Minecraft skins for free download, Minecraft wallpapers, Minecraft beginners guide - Minecraft beginners tutorial, Mods for Minecraft, Texture Packs for Minecraft or maps - saves with Minecraft games. And this is just the beginning, because in our Minecraft Blocks website there is a many, many more things for you to check out, read, and of course to download!

We wish you have always a great time spending on our Minecraft Blocks website!

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